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Sydney University Hacks Its Bell Tower To Play The Freaking Game Of Thrones Theme

Yeah, you read right: the goddamn University of Sydney — those smartypantses — rigged their bell tower so it would play the incredible opening theme to Game Of Thrones. This is awesome.

This video was uploaded — and presumably captured — on Friday outside the main hall of the University of Sydney, and the jaunty bells are ringing out in clear, crisp harmony, the theme to Game of Thrones.


(Source: renloras, via doiwannaknow)


The Adventures of Batman and Bear-Robin!
In Gif form! :P


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2) Daredevil by Paolo Rivera

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4) Daredevil by Loic Zimmermann

5) Daredevil Noir by Tomm Coker

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7) Daredevil by Joe Quesada

8) Daredevil by Steve McNiven

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10) Daredevil by Alex Ross